Saturday, March 7, 2009

Connor still only has two bottom teeth, but they are cute...and sharp. He bit down on my finger the other day when I was fishing out a piece of paper, and it hurt.

Connor hates getting out of the bath when there is still water to play in so I drain the tub before I even try wrapping him in a towel. I think he is curious as to where the water went in this picture.
I really like this picture of Connor looking at his daddy. It's too bad you can't see Andrew's face, but at least Connor is cute.

I took Connor for his nine month well baby visit on Wednesday. It was a pretty traumatic experience for Connor. He started screaming as soon as the doctor touched him and it just got worse and worse as the exam progressed. By the time they got to shots I didn't think Connor could get any louder, but he did. He only had one shot, but I have never heard my baby make so much noise. I think he was more angry than anything.

Connor now weighs 19 pounds 9 ounces, is 29 and a half inches long, and is very healthy. He is crawling, pulling himself up to everything, cruising from couch to couch, dancing on beat to music, and eating everything I feed him. He is so much fun.