Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cute Connor

Connor is growing up so fast. He is now five and a half months and I think he weighs about 16 to 17 pounds. He has almost tripled his birth weight. He has also learned how to roll. He can roll from his back to his tummy and then from his tummy to his back, but only in one direction. So he will roll across the floor until he gets trapped by something like the couch, and then he gets mad because he can't go anywhere. I think it is kind of funny.

Another one of Connor's new talents is sitting up by himself. He is still kind of wobbly, but he is falling on his face less and less. He also loves his Johnny Jumper. I love it too, because I can put him in it and he can entertain himself for almost an hour. This means that I can cook dinner without being interrupted every two minutes.

Connor also enjoys hanging out with his cousin Jaime. Nicole occasionally babysits in the afternoons so I can go to work for a few hours a week. Jaime plays with Connor and shares her toys, and Connor really likes watching Jaime run around. He smiles whenever he sees her. Jamie is going to be a great big sister and she has decided she wants to have a baby brother because she likes Connor so much. It is really nice having family so close.